Stellar accessories

Stellar accessory:
Remote alarm II
  • Alerts caregivers and medical staff when alarm is triggered.
  • Long battery life and low battery alert designed to reduce downtime.
  • Cable length ranges from 2 to 20 meters to suit your environment and needs.
  • Easy to install and includes a wall bracket for easy mounting.
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Stellar accessory:
H4i heated humidifier
  • Provides heated humidification for greater comfort during therapy.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Electronic components are sealed off from the water for safety.
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Stellar accessory:
FiO2 and SpO2 monitor
  • Pulse oximeter connects directly to the back of the device and is displayed on the screen.
  • Eliminates the need for any additional external equipment.
  • Simply connect the FiO2 kit to Stellar for live monitoring on the device.
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Source: iVAPS mode is intended for patients weighing more than 66 lbs (30 kg).