AirMini Accessories

With AirMiniTM and these featured accessories, travelling with CPAP theraphy is a breeze. Scroll down to learn more about each AirMini accessory.

AirMini travel bag
  • Compartments for device, tubing, masks and power supply
  • Comfortable shoulder straps for easy carry and travel
  • Extra front pocket for your personal travel items: phone , passport, headphones and more
  • Fare-exempted luggage in addition to carry-on allowance (allowed as a medical exception on many airlines; be sure to confirm with your airline before flying)
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AirMini travel case
  • Slim, hard case designed to hold and protect your AirMini device
  • Portable and lightweight solution of CPAP travel and on-the-go use
  • Protected by EVA foam to absorb impact
  • Water and liquid resistant
  • Easy-to-open zip compartment
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AirMini mount system
  • Allows your AirMini device to be secured to a bed frame, bedside table, Wall, airplane seat pocket or similar surfaces
  • Not intented to be worn
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HumidX and HumidX Plus waterless humidification
  • Available in 3- or 6-pack sets, HumidXTM and HumidX Plus are small heat and moisture exchangers designed to provide comfortable and effective humdification1
  • Small, lightweight and easy to use, with no washing required
  • HumidX is standard waterless humidification system compatible with most climates and sleep environments
  • HumidX Plus also offers waterless humidification and is optimized for dry and high-altitude environments with low humidity levels, such as aitcraft cabins2
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AirMini therapy tracking app
  • Adjust setup options and comfort settings on your AirMini machine from the palm of your hand
  • Provides 30-day therapy history and daily therapy score each morning to help keep you informed and motivated
  • Guided setup options walk you through setting up your device and fitting your mask
  • Pairs wirelessly using Bluetooth™ technology 3
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Source: Currently not available when using AirFit F30.


Source: Currently not available when using full face masks.


Source: Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc, registered in the US and other countries.