Astral accessories

Power on the go
External battery
  • Provides up to 8 hours of backup power.
  • For increased freedom, two external batteries can be combined for 16 hours of continuous power2.
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Protection on the go
Mobility and slim fit bag
  • The Astral Mobility bag fits device and essential accessories, while the Astral SlimFit bag holds an Astral ventilator for a more compact design.
  • Both bags feature a broad shoulder strap and transparent protective panel display to check therapy, alarms and programs.
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Stability and flexibility
Circuit support arm
  • Holds ventilation circuits and mouthpieces securely in the right position for therapy.
  • Offers full flexibility for easy adjustment but stays in place once set up on a bedside or wheelchair. 
  • Installation kit included for quick setup.
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Bedside support
Astral table stand
  • An ergonomic and convenient solution to place the Astral device on a bedside table.
  • Holds the device and external power supply at an inclined angle for convenient use and access.
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